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Smart Headend

A Smart Headend is a compact, tightly integrated, software controlled device that generates AV channels compatible with TVs on a coax or IPTV network.  Smart Headends are typically used in hotels, stadiums, schools, corporate offices and similar venues where multiple TVs are used.  Smart Headends provide advanced software features and are easier to install and manage than traditional component connected headends.  Build you own or choose from one of our preconfigure Smart Headend devices.   

FlexStream MX-400 Smart Headend System

The FlexStream MX-400 is the base model of all MX-400 smart headend systems. This device collects and creates TV programming from nearly any source and transforms that video into TV compatible channels.

MX-400TS Broadcast Multiplexer

The MX-400TS is the C2 Squared broadcast quality multiplexer in its purest form. When purchased without any option modules this multi-input, multi-output TS multiplexer will process up to 500 Mb/s from IP sources and IP outputs.

MX-400CC Channel Creator

The MX-400CC was designed for anyone looking to add just a few channels to an existing in-house cable TV network. The MX-400CC is a scaled down version of the MX-400HY in that it supports all the same features just with fewer output channels.

MX-400HY Hospitality Edition

The MX-400 HY is designed for anyone looking to add channels to a new or existing in-house cable TV network in a hospitality establishment. The MX-400HY can take a wide variety of inputs such as security cameras, IP TV sources, streaming services as well as video from local storage and output it as a TV channel. This would include the option to provide digital signage on selected TVs throughout a facility.

MX-400ST Stadium Edition

The MX-400ST complements existing in-house cable TV networks by merging HTML graphics with stadium video to create dynamic multimedia HDTV channels tunable by one or all stadium TVs. Stadiums TVs are quickly transformed from video monitors to dynamic multimedia displays containing game video, advertisements, game stats, time, temperature, raffle info, weather, traffic, social media photos, stadium alerts, and of course the game score and other score board information.

MX-200 Series

The new MX-200 hosts the MX-400 software in a compact, cost effective shelf-top package. It can be used to create TV channels on your in-house cable TV system, IPTV system, or directly to display via the HD video output. The MX-200 creates continuous TV programming for IPTV networks, coax networks, and direct to TV displays.

MX-200CC Channel Creator

MX-200CC follows in the footsteps of the MX-400CC Channel Creator and creates private TV channels that are visible on each resident’s television.  It combines multiple streaming video sources into a single multi-program transport stream which is ready to view by all commercial and consumer TVs.

Headend Accessories

Additional devices to work with your MX product.


The MD-1000 is a frequency agile, standards agile, single band modulator for use as an add-on component to the FlexStream MX-100 and MX-400 product lines. The MD-1000 receives its power, configuration, and transport stream via a high speed USB 2.0 connection and outputs a modulated RF signal for transmission via DVB-T, ATSC 8-VSB, ATSC US Cable QAM, or ISDB-T (full seg).


The RX-50 receiver provides display controls over coax networks. With the RX-50, working in conjunction with MX-400 smart headends, displays and other devices can be controlled via RS-232, IR, and HDMI-CEC protocols.

4TB External Storage

Increase the storage capacity of your FlexStream MX-400 or MX-100 with this USB 3.0 4 terabyte SSD. This drive extends the video server storage for applications that exceed the 30 gigabyte internal storage.


C2squared inc. goes far beyond providing products and services. We give you the keys to an entire platform of ready built and custom engineered services that are powerful, innovative, and responsive.

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