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Senior Residential AV 

Senior Residential AV solutions are used in housing communities and continuing care facilities for residents that are 55 and older. Our AV management solutions can be used in multi-tenant retirement communities, independent living residences, and assisted

Senior Living facilities face many challenges, including keeping residents happy, engaged with their community, mentally and physically active, and spiritually connected.  Even the best management and finest staff will need quality tools to fulfill these needs.

One tool for this that is often underutilized is the facility’s televisions.  TVs are not only a central part of the residential space, but they can also occupy prime real estate such as entryways, common areas, activity rooms, and cafeterias.

Unfortunately these TVs are rarely leveraged for community engagement.  What if there was a way to create community specific TV channels from a PC, DVD player, web pages, or even videos recorded on a phone? C2 Squared’s FlexStream™ MX Products are designed to do just that, present community content as a channel that can be viewed on any TV at any time. 

Typical applications may include:

  • Signage Channels with news, weather forecasts, cafeteria menus, daily activities, events, announcements, and awards.
  • Community Channels containing live video from the facility’s gardens, chapels, and vista cameras.
  • Playback Channels Record and playback video of live events, chapel services, or house performances. Upload existing video recordings to add to the playlists.
  • Device Channels from devices such as set top boxes, and DVD players.

For solutions that are designed to scale from the simplest, one source-one channel application to a full cable TV channel lineup, the FlexStream™ MX products can fit every senior living need.  

AV Media In Residential Buildings

Pre-Recorded Video Files

C2 Squared has made it easy to create your own TV channel from a collection of recorded files. Use this feature to create a personnel training channel, a calming, mood setting channel, locally produced entertainment, or even an exercise channel. Collect files from DVDs, mobile phones, video editing tools, Power Point, or any video capture device.  You can use the C2 Squared FlexDM transcoding service to convert the files to a TV compatible format and manage the new channel using its remote access capabilities.

Radio Audio

Perhaps you want to create a slide show of photos using the MX-400 Video Wrapper.  This is a nice feature, but wouldn’t it be better with audio?  That’s easy.  Just connect the red and white RCA stereo audio jacks to your radio, MP3 player, iPod, or any device with a head phone jack.  Select the capture port as the wrapper input, and you now have audio with your slide show.  It’s that easy.

Integrated DVR

Any input source can be recorded for playback at any time. Broadcast and record your live events via video capture and IPTV camera sources. Play them back at any time for future enjoyment. The integrated DVR will record any input source, store it digitally, and play it back at specified time or in a loop with other stored media.

Nature Cameras

WiFi and LAN cameras are inexpensive devices that can be mounted indoors or outdoors and accessed by any connected device.  That includes the MX-400!  So place a WiFi camera where they can watch the weather, sunset, birds, flowers, wildlife, or any picturesque scene and then map it to a TV channel using one of the FlexStream MX products.

Antenna TV Feeds

Many retirement communities are well positioned to receive subscription free ATSC broadcast HDTV.  Use the MX-400CC to add broadcast TV stations to your house cable TV channel lineup.  Perhaps you no longer want to receive cable TV, broadcast TV is a great way to fill the channel lineup. 

Custom Video Wrapper

Use the video wrapper to scale the video input of your choice and wrap the remaining screen area with one of our templates to create a signage channel with information your residents will appreciate.  Weather forecast, cafeteria menus, photos, events, announcements, daily activities, and news feeds.  Use one of our pre-built templates, or work with C2 Squared’s Creative Services team to make the perfect TV media channel for you. 

Chapel Camera

Mount a WiFi camera in the chapel for those who cannot make it to the service.  The FlexStream MX products can connect to a the camera and create a TV channel from it.

Satellite TV Feeds

Use the MX-400CC satellite receiver option to create channels from unencrypted satellite sources.  This feature is a great asset where satellite access is the only TV transmission available.  While some free to view content is available in the USA, reception requires a 3 meter dish.  Contact a satellite professional for installation of this service.


You no longer need to cart the special purpose PC from building to building, just connect it to the MX-400 HDMI capture port and tune any or all TVs to the new TV channel.  Want to talk to the viewers?   Connect a microphone to the PC and output the audio to the HDMI display.  Viola, every TV tuned to this channel has your voice as well. 

Cable/Satellite TV, DVD, PCs

Tired of distributing DVDs and training staff to use the various inputs to common area TVs?  What if you had one DVD player that fed all TVs though the facilities coax network?  Now you can with the MX-400 family of products.  Note: Composite, Component, and HDMI (sans HDCP) connection required.  Composite and Component recommended.

Security Cameras

Access a few strategically placed IP security cameras from any TV.  Share access to public area cameras of general interest. 

Customized Content For Residences

The features that allow you to show customized content, signage or programs on your TV’s are all available in the MX-400CC. Video wrappers are the most common way to add custom content to your display(s). You can display graphics, photos, text, fonts, other videos, weather, and more.

Use the video wrapper to add web page graphics and media to your new channel.  Scale the video of your choice and wrap the remaining screen area with one of our templates to show time, temperature, birthdays, logos, local businesses, and more. Customize the templates to meet your needs, or work with C2 Squared’s creative services to make the perfect TV media channel.

MX-400CC Headend Companion

The MX-400CC is designed for anyone looking to add channels to a new or existing in-house cable TV network. It can take a wide variety of inputs such as outdoor cameras, TV sources, streaming services as well as video from local storage and output it as a TV channel to keep residents entertained.


RF TV Channels

Create SD and HD digital TV channels for broadcast over in-house cable TV networks using the integrated DTV modulator.

RF TV Signage

Tune a common area, lobby, or café TV to a dedicated signage channel to create digital signage without any additional special hardware.

RF Display Controls

Do you have a green building? Would you like the common area displays off at night? Our system provides the technology to control the power and channel of common area TVs based upon time of day, a scheduled event, or on demand. Our RX-50 display controller devices sit behind each TV and await MX-400CC commandS. Use the MX-400HY web UI to control one, many, or all the TVS in groups.

IPTV TV Channels

Create TV channels for broadcast over in-house IPTV networks using any of the four MX-400 GigE network controllers.  Use the FlexStream MX-400 IPTV output feature to feed IPTVs directly or as an ancillary input to a secure headend such as the Technicolor Com1000 or Com2000.  IPTV outputs also provide future proofing.  If you are using the RF output today, but find later you have new buildings that are wired for IPTV, the FlexStream MX-400 is ready.

Device and Media Management Tools

Front Panel Video Monitor

Monitor any video as it enters the MX-400CC using the QVGA full motion video front panel.

Web UI Device Management
Access the built in Web based user interface from any browser to view channels, modify content, or control displays.
FlexDM Remote Management

FlexDM remote management gives you access to the FlexStream MX-400CC smart headend system from anywhere and from any device.  Just login to and select your device.  Check the status or remotely access for full control.  With FlexDM, anything that can be done locally can be done remotely. 

RF Monitor

Installation and remote management are a breeze when you have access to this tool.  Use this tool to monitor the house RF to find the best place for your new channels, then watch them remotely on a mobile phone or other connected device to ensure everything is running perfectly.


C2squared inc. goes far beyond providing products and services. We give you the keys to an entire platform of ready built and custom engineered services that are powerful, innovative, and responsive.

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